Since last 3 days, Mr X from Rajkot was feeling little weak. He was not able to have his routine diet properly. He was feeling quite weak and lethargic. His eyes were burning and he was getting low grade fever since then which was getting better with antipyretic but again relapsing.

His family doctor suggested him some blood test. In his C B C, the White Blood Cells and Platelets were little low. Fever was persisting and one night he got some rashes on the skin. Again doctor sent his blood samples for Dengue, Chikangunia and Typhoid tests. Those all the tests were negative. But according to the patient’s condition and persisting fever, it was decided to start the suspected dengue and Malaria medicines

Recently in this newspaper, one article to have Papaya Juice in such condition was printed. This was recollected by the patient. When he asked to the doctor about this, he immediately agreed and told to have it under the supervision of some good Ayurvedic Practitioner.

A senior Vaidyaji was called at home. He first examined the patients Left hand Brachialartery, which was feeble, rapid and in Jumping frog pattern. On examination his Liver and spleen were enlarged. He was dehydrated; lips and tongue were dry, person was looking pale and quite week.

Considering all this symptoms; Rasakshay, Anaemia, painful Muscle and bones, Aching Bone marrow, extreme weakness, and from fever pattern it was diagnosed as, SAPTA DHATU GAT VISHAM JWAR a variety of Malaria, according to Ayurved.

The papaya leaves were ready at home. The juice was extracted and given to the patient. But immediately after having it patient vomited it out and started feeling nausea tic. Vaidyaji instructed to boil 2 cloves with jaggery in water and gave to him and the nausea was subsided. Now considering inability to have papaya leaves juice, Vaidyaji prescribed him, MALTREX TABLET a product of Veer Health Care, Ahmedabad, 2 tablets every 4 hourly, In spite of it was 8pm , he advice to have it at 8pm, 12 mid night and 4 am.

Vaidyaji also instructed him to have soup of Moong and Vegetables, Sweet lime and Fresh Lime Juice, Pomegranate and Papaya frequently. To keep cold water pack if fever rises and Vaidyaji left for his home. Whole night fever was there but after 4 am dose patient started seating and later went off to sleep.

In the morning patient got up quite late with law grade fever, but was little hungry, so had some breakfast. Again Vaidyaji came, and instructed to have 2 MALTREX TABLET every 4 hourly till mid night. He advised not to have any antipyretics till the fever raises more than 1 degree. Whole day low grade fever was there, the patient was given oral liquid throughout the day. But whole night there was no fever.

Next day, in the morning blood test showed the Platelets and W B C Counts both were increased. So Vaidyaji reduced the dose of MALTREX TABLET to 2 tablets only 3 times a day every 6 hourly. He explained that, the ingredients of MALTREX; SAPTAPARNI, KALONJI, CHIROTA, NEEM and specially derived PAPAYA LEAVES EXTRACT by using a state of art technique, are very useful to control Malaria as well as Fever of any known or Unknown Origin. It helps to increase the Platelet Counts and normalises the W B C Counts.

He also prescribed LIVITON V TABLET 2 tablets 3 times for Liver and Spleenswelling, Digestion; and V TON SYRUP 2 tea spoon 3 times, for Stamina, Strength , Appetite, Weakness, Body ache etc. both the products were the produce of Veer Health Care.

After two days Vaidyaji reduced all the medicines to only 2 times a day. He instructed to stop MALTREX after 3 days and continue LOIVITON V Tablet and V TON Syrup for 15 days. He praised Lord DHANVANTARI for such a good and fast recovery of the patient, blessed him and left for the forest to search for more such effective herbal remedies.
Next time one more such a complicated case of Liver patient.


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